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Taxis are one of the easiest ways to get around, especially if you are visiting a new area where you can take advantage of the knowledge of the taxi driver whilst having transport available on demand.
One of the most common questions asked by those about to visit an area and use the services of a taxi is regarding the cost of a trip from their starting point, typically a train station to their ultimate destination, often a hotel or other accommodation, a tourist attraction or a business. In the UK, taxi rates are set by the local council and all registered taxi companies must follow this particular pricing structure. This makes it possible to have a rough estimation of how much the taxi to your destination will cost if you can find the taxi fare schedules. These are typically available on the local council websites. If this information is not available to you then you can use online taxi fare calculators. It is worth noting that if you are travelling to a popular hotel in a town or tourist attraction they may work with a specific taxi company and may have a special offer available for their customers. This may include a set fare for the trip from airports, train stations or bus stations. It is therefore worth checking out their website or contacting in them in advance for further information.
If you are travelling as a large party, or have a large amount of luggage which may not find in a typical taxi you should book in advance and let the taxi company know. This will give them the opportunity to supply a multi purpose vehicle with more seating or luggage space, which of course will save you money compared to the cost of hiring two taxis for your whole party. Booking in advance will also mean your taxi will be waiting for you at the exact time of your booking, no need to wait around for a taxi to be despatched to you. Guildford Taxi.
Business users of taxis should look into the benefits of opening an account with the popular taxi firms in their local area or city. Having an account for all of your staff will give you the opportunity to pay in net invoice terms and of course there maybe further savings to be made if special offers and discounts are available for long term, invoice and corporate users.
Taxis to the local airport are typically referred to as airport transfers and can come under a different fare schedule than short distance trips depending on the distance between your starting point and the airport. As you are aware of how important it is to be at the airport two hours before the departure time of your flight then it is recommended that you book your transfer to the airport in advance. This prevents any delays or shortages of taxis available during busy peak periods of the day.